Essential Mountain Bike Gear

Mountain biking can become quite extreme once you get a feel for it, and that’s why certain safety gear is essential to keep you safe on your newfound adventure. Some of the gear on this list might seem obvious, but it’s important not to skimp on quality.

Be sure to invest in these gear pieces before attempting to go for your first mountain bike session, as safety should be your most important concern when starting out.

Same as with most recreational sports in Scotland, even attending waking and hiking events require certain safety gear.


This is probably the most important safety gear needed by all mountain bikers. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced biker, you need to protect your head. Head injuries due to mountain bike accidents have frequently been recorded in Scotland and throughout Britain, making it a cause for concern to invest in proper headgear.

The Troy Lee A1 MIPS Classic Bike helmet is great when you are on a budget, and the Smith Forefront 2 is more on the expensive side but worth it if you think of not only safety but comfort.


A saddle is an important part of any bike and should be carefully considered for comfort and safety. This is a piece of gear that can get pricey, but as long as you have the correct size and the seat is padded well with good quality materials, it should be good enough for years of use.

Knee Pads

Another obvious piece of gear that shouldn’t really need any explanation for why it’s important. Knee pads will keep your knees safe against any accidents you might have. Not only will it help for the obvious bruises and cuts that you will be getting, but also from more serious knee injuries.

The Bodyprox Protective Knee pads are among the most popular knee pad sets in the UK and the rest of the world due to the great quality and the protection it provides you against accidents on the roughest terrains and mountains biking or walking adventurous walking and hiking routes.

Shoes and Pedals

It’s all about grip and comfort, same as with your wheels. You will need to have something that makes whing just a little bit more effortless on those rough terrains. Having the right shoes and pedals will make things a lot easier, especially at the beginning of your mountain biking journey.

The Five Ten Freeride Pro shoes and One Up Components Composite Pedals are great for someone starting out who also wants quality that will last and give them a comfortable ride.

With these essential gear pieces, you will be able to take on your first mountain bike session with pride and assurance that you are protected and will have as comfortable a ride as mountain biking can be. Safety and comfort should always be at the top of your list of considerations and should not be skimped on.