Mountain Bike Racing Events to Bet On

Betting on mountain biking can be one of the most exciting extreme sports to bet on and requires the bettor to stay on top of the latest mountain biking news in the world. Having good knowledge of the riders and tracks will give fans the perfect opportunity to try their luck at betting on their favourite riders.

These events are among the most popular events to use for betting on mountain biking online.

UCI MTB World Cup Series

The UCI World Cup Series is one of the most important events in mountain biking. The 2022 event will be taking place in Les Gets, France, from August 24-28. Fans from all over the world will be able to bet on the tournament from any country as long as they are using a reputable online sportsbook. For a reliable betting experience, sign up with BetTarget and check the odds against your favourite rider.

Enduro World Series

The Enduro World Series is the highest level of enduro racing in the world and brings all of the most popular riders to compete against each other on a challenging, thrilling, and competitive track. The Enduro Series is used by most mountain bike bettors due to the number of riders attending the race and the competitive nature of the tournament.

Crankworkx Rotorua

Crankworkx Rotorua will be taking place in Rotorua, New Zealand, from November 5-13 and stands as the last race of the Crank Worx World Tour season for 2022. The event sees many well-known riders competing against each other and brings action and entertainment to spectators. Be eager to bet on the Crankworkx Rotorua race as it brings an exciting and completive race.

The events on this list are all dedicated to the passion and love for mountain biking and its competitive nature to win a place. Put your bets on these events to stand a chance of winning big.