Walking Events in Scotland

The events and festivals on this list are all dedicated to climbing, walking, and hiking through the most adventurous destinations in Scotland. By attending these festivals, any=body looking for an adventure will be more than happy with what they have to offer with these festivals.

Walking and hiking through the most adventurous trails in Scotland is fun, but attending walking festivals adds just a bit more adventure to the whole experience.

Moray Walking & Outdoor Festival – 17 – 27 June

The Moray Walking & Outdoor Festival is by far Scotland’s most popular walking festival and the best possible way to explore Moray. Experience the foothills of the Cairngorms national park and step foot onto the award-winning coastline.

This festival is all about experiencing the summer days in Moray’s natural, historical and cultural landscape with beautiful scenic views and an experience of nature like no other. The festival routes go through forests, the coastline, hills, and the city.

The Kiltwalk Dundee – 21 August

The Kiltwalk Festival takes place in various locations each year, with Glasgow and Aberdeen have done for the year. The event is purely for fun and for fundraising. This year will see the festival raising funds for a specific charity. By registering beforehand, you will be able to take part in the race and help to raise funds for the festival. Show up in your kilt and walk the full length of the walk-through Dundee from start to finish.

Ben Nevis Trek – 24 September

The Ben Nevis Trek is an adventurous hike up the highest peaks in Britain at 1345 meters high to summit Ben Nevis. This dominating mountain is known by locals as ‘The Ben’ and stands as a festival that should be attended by those who are not scared of heights or break out in a sweat.

Before the festival starts, you will be tested and trained to be ready for the experience of a lifetime, as this is only for the brave. You will need some experience in climbing and hiking.

Laic o’ Moray 50 – 1 October

The Laic o’ Moray 50 is a popular annual walking event in Scotland. The event takes place in Forres, and the challenge of the 50-mile walk is routed in a circular trail starting from Forres Cricket Pavilion and heading towards the beaches of Lossiemouth.

What makes this event even more rewarding than finishing a 5- mile and seeing the beauty that Scotland has to offer with its scenery is that this is a qualifying event for the 100-mile challenge later in the year.

Attend any of the festivals on this list for the ultimate experience in Scottish trails. Whether walking, climbing, or running is what you are looking for, these festivals will help you break a sweat while witnessing some of the utmost beautiful scenery.